Psychological capital

Psychological capital

Psychological capital is a positive psychological state comprised of four mutually reinforcing positive resources:

Participating teams co-designed a wellbeing goal with their Team Leader and used the psychological capital framework to achieve it. The goals and actions they took include:

Goals: Example actions:
To create an environment with a positive outlook to work. Developed a wellbeing committee and created team building activities including positive storytelling and watching TED Talks and inspirational videos.

1. Improve induction training and development (resources and systems) to improve confidence of new Team Members

2. Increase staff morale and engagement leading to a reduction in unplanned leave.

1. Adjustments to induction and training, greater integration of Team Leader responsibilities with the Team

2. Adjusted rostering practice to increase staffing and set up a committee to focus on wellbeing.

To have a supportive work environment that focuses on self-care at work and improves social connection.

1. Created an innovative way for Team Members to check up on each other (laminated Bitmojis with different emotions to display on their desks)

2. Scheduled regular social events.

Increase recognition and reward so Team Members feel valued. Gave Team Members additional responsibilities (e.g. running team meetings, organising team celebrations), had more regular team social events, and held meetings in the park.
Increase skills, collaborate with other teams/departments and increase social connection and fun. Created a leadership program to enable learning and development opportunities. Had regular team lunches and dinners.

Psychological capital mean scores

Note: the 12 (short) item 'PsyCap' Questionnaire. Minimum possible score = 1, maximum score = 6. The score for 'Hope' was calculated from three questions instead of four as one question was omitted from the survey.

Watch this video to see how psychological capital was used in the Wellbeing on Call program.

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