Strengths-based coaching

Strengths refer to things that a person is good at and enjoys doing. When individuals use their strengths, they are doing things that completely absorb them and make them feel more confident, energised and satisfied. People who use their strengths experience more confidence and less stress, enjoy more energy and are happier, and are more creative, engaged and satisfied at work. Teams where most people have a chance to do what they do best each day are more productive and have happier customers and lower turnover.

The strengths-based coaching component of Wellbeing on Call involved Team Leaders developing the skills to use strengths to help their teams thrive. Using a strengths approach helped Team Leaders:

  • Allocate tasks that aligned with people’s strengths
  • Give performance feedback in a constructive way, and
  • Set development and career progression goals with team members.

Throughout the program, participants became more likely to use strengths approaches at work.

Program participants reported increased focus on strengths and improvements in workplace positivity and safety

My organisation is committed to developing the strengths of its employees

My supervisor regularly has meaningful conversations with me about developing my strengths

My team was a safe place to experiment with my strengths and they regularly gave me strengths feedback

My team was a safe place to bring up problems

My team has the opportunity to do what we do best each day

I have the opportunity to do what I do best each day at work

I can easily name my top five strengths

Note: Participants responded to each statement with a score between 0 (do not agree at all) and 10 (agree completely). Scores of 8 or higher were counted as an endorsement.

Watch this video to see how the strengths were used in the Wellbeing on Call program.

The Strengths Lab. The Business Case for Strengths. Available from:

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strengths-based coaching
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